Oil Spill Dispersant

Oil Spill Dispersant System consist of dispersant and dispersant pump. Dispersant is a chemical agent that are made up of active ingredients, called solvents and surfactants, the solvent molecule of which is composed of an organic carbon chainsbasically has an affinity for oils and greases (oleophilic) while the surfactant has an affinity for water (hydrophilic). In simple words, one side attracts water and the other side attracts oil.
The result of this properties is the oil become smaller parts in the water, then sunk in or evaporate or bio-remediation by micro organism.

The dispersant use must be environmentally friendly. In Indonesia, the dispersant use for combating oil spill must have recommendation from BP MIGAS as the regulator for oil companies in Indonesia.

How ever, the use of dispersant must strictly supervised, since the dispersant did not collect the spilled oil, it only divided into smaller parts. Dispersant must be used as last alternative of combating oil spill.

The dispersant pump is a device that spray dispersant to spilled oil. It comes with many types and shape, but the main purpose is same. It can comes in portable, boat mounting, plane mounting, or helicopter mounting with hand lance or jig arm.

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