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Self-inflating oil boom

The UNIBOOM® SEAMASTER Series is an advanced generation of self-inflate air-filled booms which expand instantly. The automatic air-filling system and absence of check valves to close makes the UNIBOOM® SEAMASTER as one of the fastest launching oil boom in the world.
The UNIBOOM® SEAMASTER can be deployed from a hydraulic reel with a horizontal or vertical drum. No physical contact between the oil boom and deployment personnel is necessary, thereby eliminating the risk of injuries. The UNIBOOM® SEAMASTER available size are 610 mm, 850 mm, and 1150 mm.

Key features
  • Self-expanding
  • Self-inflating
  • No external air filling required
  • Automatic air breathers 
  • Interior frames are fiber-glass reinforced polyester, plastic and stainless steel
  • Robust construction
  • High frequency welded PVC or PU/PVC blend fabric