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Single-point self-inflatable containment booms for offshore purposes

The UNIBOOM® X is a rapid deployment boom system designed to be used offshore and open waters. It has special designed air inflation system to reduce manpower and deployment/retrieval time. Transverse bulkheads divide the float into 5-meter air chambers. The UNIBOOM® X Series has a secondary back-up inflation system that can be used to top up the boom's air chambers when necessary, allowing long term deployment on the boom in very rough seas. The UNIBOOM® X boom overall available from 1500 mm up to 3000 mm.

Key features
  • Rapid deployment
  • Minimal man power
  • Minimal deck space required
  • Excellent wave following characteristic
  • Separate air filling systems provide fail-save air filling
  • Robust construction
  • Radio remote control (optional)